Magic Magazine
The worlds largest-selling magic periodical Features Tempest in Cover Story.

Magic, the Magazine for Magicians, the largest-selling magic periodical in the world, features Marco Tempest and The Virtual Magician on its cover and in a special 8-page color article this month. Long known as a major innovator creating new and exciting ways of combining video, computer graphics, sleight of hand and the illusion arts, Tempest’s latest work makes a fascinating subject for the magician’s magazine now, as he completes the first six episodes of his first television series, The Virtual Magician, once again stretching the boundaries of what it means to be a magician in the 21st century. Magic describes the article as follows: In his latest role of The Virtual Magician, Marco Tempest brings the wonders of cyberspace to the home television screen. Playing a futuristic iconoclast on a mission to rediscover the mysterious origins of magic, he fuses virtual reality with traditional trickery — taking the audience through his "virtual archive" of the legendary mysteries of the art and projecting them into a world of the future. In so doing, The Virtual Magician stretches the senses and confounds both sides of your brain — knowledge on the left, fun on the right. Marco continues to maintain a busy schedule of corporate performances, even while creating and taping additional episodes of The Virtual Magician. This year alone has seen him in Singapore, Thailand, Lebanon, Germany and multiple locations throughout the US. His latest major efforts include development of a full-evening live show based on The Virtual Magician, to tour internationally.
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