Magie Cover Story
German Magician’s Magazine "Magie" Features Marco Tempest.

The German magicians’ trade magazine “Magie” has just released its “Marco Tempest” issue, with Marco’s image on the cover and a 10 page spread inside the magazine telling all about Tempest’s “The Virtual Magician,” set to air on German television beginning in July of 2004 under the title “Codewort: Magie.” (Check local listings for exact dates and times) The Tempest section included an extensive article by Ryan Oakes, tricks created by Tempest and Doug McKenzie specially for the show, a special interview with Tempest, and many images taken directly from “The Virtual Magician.” The article in Magie marked just a small portion of the Tempest PR blitz in connection with the premiere of the show on the Discovery Network this month. Other events included appearances on the popular Pro7 network as a highlight of their annual Science Awards show, a spectacular “megavolt” effects seen by audiences of the Science Magazine "Galileo" and visitors at the German Museum in Munich, and numerous interviews and personal appearances throughout the country.
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