Marco in High-Definition
Virtual Magician HD specials to air on NHK Japan.

Marco Tempest and his team recently completed postproduction on his latest television projects, two 52-minute specials for NHK. The specials will be aired in Japan on March 29th to kick off an extended run of The Virtual Magician, in full high-definition, and is available on the world market immediately. “These two shows are somewhat different from the first six,” tells Marco. “We’ve dedicated them to exploring the "New York Underground of Magic". I get to present some of the hottest young talents in magic today in unusual and fun ways they’ve never been seen before…all the while conducting a virtual 3D tour of New York, one of the most fascinating cities in the world!” Special guests on the new series include Magick Balay, David Condon, Eric Goldfarb, Scott Hitchcock, Kostya Kimlat, Ryan Oakes, Ashley Springer, Maritess Zurbano, JB Benn, Angelo Carbone, Joseph Kerr, Andy Roberts, Asi Wind and Meir Yedid. In the new shows, viewers experience a fun and insightful virtual journey through a 3-D graphical representation of New York complete with new interactive TV magic they can experience at home.
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