Tempest Stars on Korea's SBS TV
Tempest represents US on Korean TV special "The Super Magic Show of Korea, Japan and United States"

Marco Tempest was recently invited to South Korea by Juno Kei of the famed “Alexander Magic Family” of Korea, to participate in an annual new year’s television special, "The Super Magic Show of Korea, Japan and United States" hosted by Kyung-gyu Lee and Hyung-don Jung. Each year, two or three of the most influential magicians from around the world are selected and asked to come and perform a segment of the show. Marco was invited to represent the United States. Marco treated his Korean audience to a special version of his popular “Magic Touch” in which he interacts playfully with the hands of a character who lives inside his small monitor. He performed his latest wonder, “Puzzled” for Korean pop-singer Ivy Yo Neul Bam, who selected a single piece from 1,500 different puzzle piece in a plexiglass box, and that piece turned out to be the single piece needed to complete another jigsaw puzzle bearing her picture! Other celebrity guests included Si-ah Jung, Yun-jung Jang, Young-ran Jang, all from Korea. Additional pieces in which Marco miraculously solved a mixed up Rubik’s cube in under 10 seconds, levitated himself in front of the studio audience, made the tan line on the arm of one of the other guests move while the audience was watching, and an amazing piece in which a note sent by Fedex a week before Marco left the US turned out to predict events that occurred during the show, were all big hits with the large studio audience. The show aired on Korea’s SBS TV on January 30th, achieving a spectacular 14% rating.
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