HP in Las Vegas
World's largest IT company entertained by Marco Tempest at it's biggest conference ever at Mandalay Events Center

The world’s largest information technology company (by revenues), Hewlett Packard (commonly known as HP) recently engaged the talents of the world’s best known high technology magician, Marco Tempest, for its recent conference in Las Vegas. Tempest kicked things off at the HP Storageworks division session, held in the giant Events Center at Mandalay Bay, with a specially created digital countdown and performance. The countdown began on all of the screens throughout the center, and as it completed, 6 large LED screen panels moved slowly together from their positions high above the stage to form a single 60’ high LED wall at stage level, from which Tempest magically appeared. He immediately produced a dazzling orb of light which flew around the Event Center before plunging into the giant screen to create the HP company logo. Tempest proceeded to entertain the crowd with a customized version of his signature “Magic Touch” and an amazing interactive card trick for the whole audience. Later in his portion of the show, Tempest amazed everyone when he had a randomly selected HP employee join him on stage to pick any one of 1500 different puzzle pieces from a clear Lucite box. The piece chosen turned out to be the one piece needed to complete another puzzle, which had been hidden behind a drape on an easel that had been onstage the whole time. The puzzle turned out to be a photo of the audience member who selected the puzzle piece, and was given to her as a special souvenir of the event. Tempest then proceeded to magically produce the division chief and lead speaker for the event by tossing another orb of light into the giant screen where it exploded into a huge ball of sparkles and a cloud of smoke – which, when it cleared, revealed our speaker. Marco documented much of his trip to Las Vegas for this event on his video blog, available on Live Video by clicking the link below.
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