Video Heads go to Detroit
Tempest makes Video Head Magic for Toyota at world's largest auto show
Marco Tempest's "Video HeadsTM" made their North American debut launching Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.'s all-new second-generation 2004 Sienna minivan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Partnering with one of the worlds largest Integrated Event Marketing firms, The George P. Johnson Company, Tempest's Video Head TM characters greeted and amused the auto industry press as they entered the presentation, running a high-energy countdown sequence to set the stage for the excitement to come. The interactive Video Head technology is made possible by Tempest's ability to produce and deliver 5 simultaneous coordinated video streams, formatted in different aspect ratios, to run on the 4 Video Heads and on a large display screen on stage.

The show: After a brief introduction, Marco himself took the stage and performed his latest customized Pixel Illusion sequence using multiple lighted orbs that he magically produced, multiplied, and flew over the audience. He then repeatedly tossed the orbs into the giant LED screen where each one burst into fast-moving images and messages about the new Sienna. Joined on stage by four Video Head characters, each with his own message, Tempest?s orbs of light flew in and out of the Video Heads, and back to the large screen. Ultimately a series of ten different orbs burst out of the screen and dashed about the stage, where they suddenly dissolved into a single cloud of smoke and light?out of which the new Sienna materialized, making its debut before the audience of some of the auto industries top journalists.

Tempest worked closely with Toyota and George P. Johnson Company to make certain that the presentation would perfectly serve Toyota's needs. Creative meetings took place in New York, Los Angeles and Detroit over an eight-week period. As back-up images and streaming video preliminaries of the final presentation became available, each was placed onto Newmagic?s secure Media Gateway server, available for immediate viewing and comment by all team members. The Media Server technology made the collaboration over the very short actual production time (less than 2 weeks by the time all scripting had been approved) possible. The results a truly magical production, made possible by the magic of technology and the innovative excellence of Marco Tempest.
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