High-Tech Creativity in Osaka
Creating the Future through the Power of Knowledge

Marco was recently invited to perform for the launch of Osaka’s new “Knowledge Capital” in its new urban development, the “Palace of Creativity.” Marco performed the latest version of his 30 minute Power Show Package surrounded by presentations of the future (robots, virtual reality applications and indoor farming to name just a few). The 6 (six) public shows over the course of 2 days drew SRO audiences and rave notices from all assembled. The Knowledge Capital district will host a concentration of cutting-edge technology, arts, and entertainment in a variety of genres. Much more that a mere base for research activities and exhibition facilities, it’s stated mission is that it will function in many different ways as a “knowledge-based industry creation center” for creating new businesses through collaboration. The developers believe that “the Knowledge Capital Management Organization will play a central role in achieving our vision and ideas together with stakeholders, enabling this area to thrive in future.”
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