Office Beamed Across Town
Marco Tempest and the Newmagic offices have just been "transported" into a new, more centrally located office and production facility in lower Manhattan.

Newmagic Communications has moved! The new offices at Houston and Broadway are in the heart of the lower Manhattan creative district, and have provided the occasion to once again upgrade our technical support structure. Concurrent with this move, we have upgraded our web-servers and connections, nearly doubling the serving speed, and have increased the security level of all our servers. New additions to our interactive web-site will give us a means of providing nearly instantaneous support to our corporate productions clients when a request for creative proposal is made, and a means to provide password protected, personalized versions of Marco's web-site, including streaming video of pieces similar to those being proposed, within a half hour of any request. With approximately 1,000 square feet of office and production space dedicated exclusively to Tempest and his Newmagic Communications productions, the new location will support our full, state-of-the-art video post-production and CG production facility, along with full blue-screen video studio capabilities. The move is a part of Newmagic's continuing expansion, into full television production projects, full-spectrum custom corporate magic, and our new "Video Head" corporate theatre presentations. Our new address is: 636 Broadway, Suite 1002 New York, NY 10012 Phones will remain the same: (212) 625-1205, with fax at (212) 208-4600. Web addresses: (also and
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