Pink Panther Whirlwind Tour
Marco Tours Japan to Introduce Pachinko Machine.

Fuji Shoji is the leading Pachinko machine manufacturer in Japan. For the recent launch of their Pink Panther Pachinko machine, in collaboration with MGM studios of the US, the company challenged Marco Tempest to create something truly astonishing. So on a tour of major Japanese cities (12 shows in 7 days, in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka), Marco and The Pink Panther interacted for a baffling series of interactions, live and in the screen, delighting thousands of Japanese in each city. Performed completely in Japanese, Marco’s show combined onstage interactions, in and out of the screen as he interacted with The Pink Panther, including an hysterically funny “Shrinker” sequence, and an “in the audience” close-up mystery in which randomly selected cutlery was made to bend, twist and mysteriously shatter while held in audience members hands! All of this created and exceptionally entertaining show, filled with opportunities for the kind of audience involvement that leaves a strong and lasting impression…for Marco, Fuji Shoji, MGM… and for the new Pink Panther Pachinko machines!
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