Viral Videos for Toshiba
Virtual Magician promotes mobile phone, HD TV and computer product lines for Toshiba.
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Virtual Magician creates viral videos to promote mobile phone, HD TV and computer product lines for Toshiba.

“It’s cool! What an imaginative idea!” Toshiba TV Manager for North America

After viewing the phenomenal success of Marco’s viral videos on Youtube, Google Video, MSN Japan and other outlets, Toshiba’s marketers enlisted his aid to create special video art that would help them market products in all their key product lines – mobile phones, HD TV and personal computers.

All the videos were shot on location in Japan, and each included both an original magical effect shot using a Toshiba cellphone camera and an HD “making of” the effect video to be used by Toshiba in the marketing of their HD-DVD players at various point of sale locations throughout Japan. In addition to showings at point of sale locations, videos are to be distributed via the internet through the Toshiba mobile portal and on Youtube, LiveVideo, Google video, and the like.

Upon seeing the first videos delivered, Toshiba’s TV Planning Assistant Manager commented: “Somebody from within the company…is obviously in touch with current trends!” Other top Toshiba executives had their own reactions: “"Looks like the new generation is upon us," and "Did Toshiba think of this?! Unbelievable!" The new videos proved to be a great success, garnering more than 500'000 viewings on the viral video sites

“It’s always great when we can find such a perfect fit between a client’s products and my magic art,” said Tempest. “For me, a forward looking company like Toshiba is the most fun to work with.”
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