Cubic Innovations Continue
Marco creates new magic with Rubik’s Cube
Never one to rest on past laurels, Marco has recently upgraded his popular “Cubed,” in which he rapidly solves Rubik’s Cube in ever more challenging and dramatic ways. Anyone who has ever spent hours (days­) trying to resolve a mixed up Rubik’s cube will appreciate the piece – and its new innovation. Speaking of how, early in his career, he had difficulty learning to perform difficult sleight of hand, Marco tells his audience of how he would remind himself of his love of magic by placing small “Happy Face” stickers on his props, in locations where only he could see them. The Happy Faces would remind him to enjoy himself, even when the going was a bit tough. At the end of “Cubed,” Marco has solved two of the cubes mixed by his audiences. He rearranges the other cubes his assistant has collected from the audience into a standing square, 4 cubes wide and 4 high. He turns the square around to reveal that one side of the cubes forms…you guessed it…a Happy Face!
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