Essential Magic Conference
The first online magic conference is the Essential Magic Conference.
No one has ever gathered the top magicians in the world for an online conference before – but this July that is precisely what will happen at the Essential Magic Conference. For three days in July (15-17), 33 of the world’s leading thinkers in the world of magic will gather in Portugal to talk about their art. A limited number of passes will be made available to magicians around the world, who will be able to log into the conference to see and interact with the 33 speakers as they speak on a wide variety of subjects. At the end of the conference, the entire 3 day experience will be made available to the registrants as a set of DVD’s, designed to capture the state of the art as of 2010.

The Essential Magic Conference is a project of Marco Tempest, Luis de Matos and David Britland. Luis has had his own television magic show in Portugal since 1990, and it is at his Studio 33 that the conference will occur. David Britland is a well-known magic consultant and writer on magic & deception.

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