Tempest for Scion
What does a Swiss magician, Toyota's latest Scion, and a candy bar have in common­
You would have needed to be in Las Vegas recently to understand the answer to that. Marco helped Toyotal introduce its latest Scion automobiles by presenting a specially constructed piece at the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas for collected Toyota and Scion dealers from around the world. The chocolate bars he presented, after appearing out of a giant LED screen, each contained a unique bar code...which when scanned at an event later in the day, helped to select winners of some 20 brand new iPads, each tricked out with full demonstration software introducing the newest features of the Scion automobiles.

The piece astonished the thousands of collected Scion afficionados, and left all lusting for more...more chocolate, more magic, and of course, for more Scions.
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