Marco Tempest gets his own Star
Our new home in Berlin.

It`s not on Hollywood Boulevard or high in the heavens, but perhaps in an even better location: In the office rooms of the Central European agency, Starpeople, the magical star Marco Tempest has made a new home. “We`re proud to have a unique magic star like Marco -- our new supernova,” states Starpeople`s managing director, Andy Nice. And to welcome Tempest and his magic, a small golden star with Marco’s name on it was installed on the office wall, between a gold record and photographs of other big name stars that Starpeople works with. Marco and Newmagic Communications are delighted with their new champions in Germany. Located right in the center of Berlin, the bridge to Eastern Markets, Starpeople is one of Germany`s leading companies, representing many prominent public figures. Tempest’s star promises to be among the brightest in the Starpeople galaxy.
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