Cyberguy meets the Cyber-magician
See Marco on the Cyberguy segment of your local news!

Marco Tempest has just taped an interview with Cyberguy, Kurt Knutsson, in anticipation of Marco’s show this week at the Apple Store in Soho. Besides speaking with the host about his show, his technology and his magic, Tempest performed several small miracles during the taping. You’ll have to tune in to see which ones. With his appearance on the “Cyberguy” show, Marco joins many of the top dogs in the digital revolution: Kurt has tapped into exclusive interviews with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, eBay's Meg Whitman, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Kurt Knutsson’s CyberGuy news features are the #1 most watched tech reports in North America airing as a regular feature inside newscasts to 158 top rated television outlets including WPIX-TV New York, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, WGN-TV Chicago, WPHL-TV Philadelphia and KRON-TV San Francisco. So be sure to watch your local news for Marco Tempest, the Virtual Magician, visiting the Cyberguy!
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