Tempest Dazzles Diamond Buyers in Dubai
The world's number one 22 karat jewellery retailer presents the "Perfect Diamond" with the help of Marco Tempest and Bhumika Chawla.

When India’s Alukkas Diamonds, world's No.One 22 karat jewellery retailer, wanted to present their latest product line in one of the richest cities in the world, they asked Marco Tempest to create a scintilating and stylish event suitable to the audience and occasion. Tempest’s magic came through, msytifying the audience of over 300 of Dubai’s wealthiest families. Following an energy-building digital countdown in which Marco featured animated, sparkling diamonds to highlight the aspects which make a diamond spectacular – it’s hardness, color, finish, cut, clarity, brilliance and carat weight – Marco appeared, first on the screen, and then walking out onto the stage, where he reached into the giant screen and removed a large diamond, which he held in his had as a sparkling orb of light. Splitting the light in two, he tossed one of the glittering lights back into a giant screen where it exploded into a thousand tiny sparks that swirled about the screen and formed the Alukkas logo, introducing the renowned Bollywood star Bhumika Chawla to co-host the event together with Marco. Marco proceeded to entertain the CEO and assembled dignitaries with “The Magic Touch,” during which he inserted his hands into a small video screen and visibly manipulated a series of diamonds into the Alukkas theme logo. A series of additional lights tossed into the screen magically produced a series of dignitaries, and then, magically, 15 beautiful models adorned with Alukkas’ finest diamond creations. The models proceeded to circulate through the audience as the guests enjoyed their dinners, showing off their jewelry. As dinner finished, Marco returned to the stage where he presented a series of effects where diamonds visibly vanished from the various models, and reappeared either in his hands or in other fascinating places…only to be given as gifts to lucky audience members! A delightful time was had by all, and the event was seen to add a new sparkle to the whole Alukkas line.
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