Tempest in the (Daily) News
Marco's Phonecam Magic Featured in NY Daily News Article.

The New York Daily News recently ran a feature on Marco Tempest’s latest posting in his series of Phonecam Magic, posted on Youtube. Tempest’s clips on Youtube have been seen by over 10 million views since the series began, just over one month ago. The Daily news coverage was just the latest major media coverage of the phenomenon which has already been featured on “The Tonight Show” and multiple news features on CNN and NBC. This story was about the making of Marco’s latest phonecam video, in which he seems to be run over by a pick-up truck while wearing the phonecam taped to his head. "The inspiration was to provide my viewers with a view of a very unusual place," said Tempest. "To be underneath a moving car would provide such experience." Marco’s Phonecam Magic is posted on Youtube.com, which was recently purchased for $1.65 Billion by Google. The Daily News feature can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking below.
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