The Comedy Festival on HBO
Virtual Magician Viral Videos featured at The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace

Marco was recently invited to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to participate in a unique event: The first ever “Viral Videos Live” show as a part of The Comedy Festival, sponsored by HBO, TBS, AOL and Caesars Palace. Appearing with such other viral video phenomena as Gary Brolsma ("the Numa Numa Kid") Stephen Volts, who captivated millions with elaborate fountains created by dropping Mentos into Diet Coke bottles, and Judson Laipply ("the Evolution of Dance Guy"), Marco’s segment was a huge hit. For the show, which will air on HBO later this year, Marco created a special phonecam trick in which he caused a crowd of subway passengers on a moving train to mysteriously vanish. He posted the video to YouTube and other web sites a week before the live show, and then, on the show, revealed how it was done. His performance on the show began on video, with a repeat of his first phonecam video, in which he makes an umbrella shrink while on camera, this time using comedian Dave Attell as his accomplice, Attell then introduced Marco from inside the screen, and he performed his popular “The Magic Touch” live on stage, followed an interactive video card trick which audiences at home will be able to experience when the show airs, and then a showing of the video in which the subway car passengers vanish. This was followed immediately by presentation of the top 10 best answers submitted by viewers regarding how the effect was accomplished – and then Marco’s demonstrating exactly how he really achieved it. Finally, he performed his illusion “The Next Dimension,” in which a globe drawn hastily on a large pad of paper suddenly drops off the pad, appearing in three dimensions as a heavy bowling ball – this one bearing “The Comedy Festival” logo.
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