Faxing in 3 Dimensions
Virtual Magician Revolutionizes High Bandwidth Wireless Technology with new 3-D Fax Machines!

In a special laboratory hidden in the desert of Nevada, Marco Tempest and his technology team have succeeded in faxing 3-D objects – including living humans -- from one machine, across the room to another, intact. “Well…I feel intact, now,” confessed the first human subject. “There for a few moments, the feeling was VERY strange. Part of me was coming out of the machine here, while the rest of me was still over there across the room. I could actually see my feet there, 30 feet away, and feel them being sucked into that machine. I feel lucky to be here – it was an accident that I got caught in the machine. We really had no idea what might happen.” Several years ago, Marco Tempest first succeeded in creating the illusion of transmitting a human being across a large stage, from one fax machine to another. The effect was a favorite in his large illusion show “Tempest Magic” presented throughout the Netherlands and Switzerland during 1995, at once mystifying and hysterically funny. But then it was only an illusion, presentable only under rigidly controlled stage and lighting conditions. Now, after many months of intense research and experiment, Tempest and his team have succeeded in creating the first real 3-D fax machines. With the new units, small items (and, as we discovered, even items as large as a human being) can be faxed from almost any location to any other. Viewers surrounding the fax units as the transmission takes place, report that “it certainly seems to be the real thing!” and the reproduction of the items transmitted is amazingly detailed and accurate. “Faxing” is currently available for all situations and venues – but only in the demo mode as part of Marco Tempest’s performances, for the moment. Photos of the units “under construction,” along with some of our research and engineering team are included. Note the sturdy, yet open construction. Because these units are for show, we didn’t want any suggestion that we might be using trickery to accomplish this amazing feat.
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