ITERGO Launch Event
Tempest launches new logo for German IT giant ITERGO

Germany’s No. 2 IT solutions company, ITERGO, found Marco Tempest’s futuristic magic and animations to be the most exciting vehicle possible for their launch of their new company logo. With more than 15 million served in Germany alone, and over 25 million customers worldwide, the fast growing company wished to emphasize it’s commitment to providing the most progressive and dynamic service and state of the art equipment possible. During the day-long event, Marco’s vignettes generated the visual spice and dynamism to keep things exciting for the 1500 employee attendees. In a culminating piece, he magically produced the new company logo. Later in the evening, the meeting participants were treated to a full Tempest performance, including many Tempest favorites, all customized with brief versions of the day’s messages and highlighting the new company logo.
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