Tempest is Explosive
Marco featured on the hit "Explosiv Weekend" for RTL-TV - view it now!

Popular German talk show host Petra Schweers traveled to New York recently to catch up with the latest from cyber illusionist Marco Tempest for the hit RTL-TV series “Explosiv Weekend”. Ever the gracious host, Marco treated her to a whirlwind tour of the sites and sounds of the Big Apple – as only “The Virtual Magician” could. Broadcasting from Marco’s secret studio in Tribeca, from Times Square (as a 3” tall figure standing on Tempest’s outstretched palm), and from the stage of an off-Broadway theatre, Ms. Schweers experienced a dazzling sequence of virtual miracles and returned home to RTL television with a story her colleagues would never have believed, if she hadn’t captured it all on video. Click this link to view the feature now!
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