Tempest at IASA
Tempest insures success for Insurers

Marco Tempest made a special surprise appearance in San Francisco at this year’s annual conference for the IASA (Insurance Accounting and Systems Association), kicking off a magical week’s sessions by transforming a glowing red ball of light into IASA president Jim Schmidt, who proceeded to deliver the keynote address of the conference, on “Transforming Vision into Reality.” Tempest was the first of a long list of luminaries which included basketball coach Rick Pitino, Benjamin Zander of the Boston Philharmonic, and comedy magicians Penn & Teller in entertaining and informing the gathered crowd of top insurance executives from around the country and around the world. His performance included the popular Countdown / Disk Me sequence, Pixel and a new version of the audience pleasing Pixel Grande, each piece re-created to generate maximum impact for the core theme of the meeting.
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