Tempest opens Grand Casino Baden
Marco provided the Magic Touch for the grand opening of Switzerland's first A-Licensed Casino

When Switzerland’s first A-Licensed casino, the Grand Casino Baden, needed to generate some high-intensity excitement around it’s opening ceremonies, Marco Tempest’s magic provided just the right magic touch. Performing a specially customized version of his “Powershow” in an elegant tent set up around the main entrance to the casino, Tempest wowed the audience of celebrities and press luminaries from all over Europe with his dazzling high tech illusions and spectacle. For a finale, he withdrew a single dot of light from the giant screen behind his stage and tossed it out over the heads of the audience. The light flew the entire length of the tent and was “caught” by the mistress of ceremonies – who tossed it into a second large screen, where the light painted the main entrance of the casino. The doors were flung open, and the crowd invited into the magnificent new surroundings. As play was about to begin, there was a single moment it appeared all would come crashing to a halt, as the golden ball for the roulette wheel appeared to be missing. Tempest saved the day with his magic, moving quickly to a nearby television monitor, from which he plucked yet anther ball of light, and instantly transformed it into the appropriate golden ball. Front page press in the local newspapers and lots of television coverage broadcast the opening – and Tempest’s performance and in
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