Apple Store Events 2009
Don't miss the worlds only Multimedia Magician Marco Tempest for a free performance and discussion in Zurich and Munich
Seventy years ago, “The Wizard of Oz” took theaters by storm. “The man behind the curtain,” has become a catch-phrase for revealing how mysterious things really happen. How appropriate, then, for Marco Tempest to reveal some of the inner workings of his special brand of high-tech magic for gathered technophiles at Apple Stores around the world. On October 1 in Munich & October 2 in Zurich, Marco will once again appear before crowds at Apple Stores. This follows multiple appearances at Apple stores in New York and Tokyo. At each Apple Store appearance, Tempest has performed new and original magic, created especially for the occasion using his Apple computers – and each controlled using his own MacBook Pro computers. Following each performance, audiences are treated to a behind the scenes explanation of just how the magic was created. Making use both proprietary and open source software, Tempest makes his laptop perform seeming miracles – then pulls back the curtain and lets the audience see ‘the man behind the curtain’ – except that, in this case, it’s ‘the computer behind the curtain.’ While Marco is well known around the world for his street magic, performed in numerous television specials and on the internet, the Apple Store appearances offer a rare glimpse of how the high tech magic really gets created. Tempest and his computers take over the entire event, causing all of the computers in the store to respond when he performs, and controlling every aspect of the show using only his MacBook Pro. Not to be missed! Thursday, October 1st, 2009, 2:30 pm Apple Store Rosenstraße, Munich Friday October 2nd, 2009, 5 pm and 8 pm Apple Store Bahnhofstraße, Zurich
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