Video Head on the Loose!
Our Video Head made his debut appearance on a tradeshow floor for FHP / Kindred at the Orlando Kitchen & Bath show.

Marco Tempest and Newmagic Communications, Inc. set one of their Video Heads free at the Orlando Kitchen & Bath show recently to help reinforce the idea that "Two Heads are Better Than One" for FHP and Kindred, two popular makers of designer sinks and accessories who have recently combined forces. In this case, Newmagic teamed with Live Marketing, one of the world's largest trade show marketing companies, to create a special concept introducing the Video Head technology for the first time on a trade show floor. The story was that a live presenter would be joined, first on screen and then live on stage, by his digital clone in the persona of a video head. Both characters moved freely between the digital world on screen and the real world in front of the screen. The "live" presenter used magical quick-changes designed by Tempest and Newmagic to bring an added level of magic and novelty to the presentation, and the Video Head often swapped images from the screen for what would otherwise have been his face. Altogether, the rapidly changing visual and magical effects combined with the novelty of the video head generated an entertaining and unforgettable presentation for all those who viewed it. While this first outing barely scratched the surface of possibilities for this new creative technology, it certainly demonstrated the viability of the Video Heads within a trade show environment, and their ability to draw crowds and make otherwise somewhat dry presentations far more amusing and memorable.