New magic for Jet Blue
Marco's creative staff and guerilla street magicians make magic for JetBlue

Marco and his team of creative wizards at Newmagic were approached on short notice recently by JetBlue Airways to help with the launch of the low-fare airline’s service to Atlanta. With a limited budget, JetBlue was looking for a way to gain maximum exposure for their new service – and their logo – among Atlanta travelers. Newmagic provided a “street guerilla promotional magic performer” and a creative team for the project. JetBlue’s marketing department supplied the team with a number of items for the magician to get into the hands of passersby, including “Blues” (Terra Blue potato chips – the airline’s signature snack), JetBlue buttons and minature JetBlue playing cards. Within two days, the Newmagic team had come up with more than a dozen different effects and sent our favorite “guerilla promotional magician” off for Atlanta. The next day, for more than three hours, our magician took to the streets of Atlanta making coins magically appear and turn into JetBlue buttons, materializing selected cards inside sealed bags of Blue potato chips while still in specatators’ hands and many more amazing effects, all of which left spectators holding not just a button or card with the JetBlue logo…but with a “magic” object from JetBlue as well as a fascinating story of the amazing feat that gave it to them. The JetBlue project unveils yet another side of Marco Tempest and Newmagic Communications, Inc. – the ability to provide a team of trained performers presenting fully customized magic tailored to any particular need or occasion.