Swiss Synergy: Tempest & Einstein
Marco Tempest is producing a 12-week magic mini-series for Swiss National Television.

Switzerland’s SF1 has comissioned Marco Tempest to produce “Magical Greetings from New York with Marco Tempest,” as a closing segment for it’s weekly “Einstein – It’s All Relative,” a new prime-time science show to air on Swiss National TV. “Magic Greetings” will merge terrestrial prime-time television and Swiss TV’s interactive web community into an intriguing new cross-media platform. Each week Marco will perform one of his unique one-camera magic puzzles on the streets of New York, and the segment will close that week’s episode of “Einstein.” After the initial prime-time broadcast, viewers will have a chance to discuss how they think each wee’s trick was executed on the show’s website, where, 24 hours later, a behind-the-scenes video will be posted, revealing the secret of how the trick was done. “Einstein – It’s All Relative,” is slated to begin airing on April 12, 2007, Thursdays at 9pm on SF1 throughout Switzerland. “Einstein’s” mission is to turn science into an entertaining experience. Hosts Monika Schärer, Mario Torriani and Jann Billeter will be talking about phenomena and mysteries of our day-to-day lives. Themes will vary from technology to botany, from gastronomy to astronomy, and from the human psyche to human sexuality. “Einstein” will tell stories that are entertaining, informative and educating. Top-class scientists will help us to find connections between our everyday lives and science. The show will be filled with many experiments, attractive images and entertaining events. In addition, interesting questions from the viewers will be reviewed by the reporters and brought into the show. “Einstein” is an SF in-house production. “Magical greetings from New York” will air every Thursday at the end of “Einstein”, around 9:40pm on SF1. The dates are: 4.12 / 4.19 / 4.26 / 5.3 / 5.10 / 5.17 / 5.24. / 5.31 / 6.7 / 6.14.6 / 6.21 / 6.28