UEFA European Soccer Association Gala
Marco provides a magical kick off for UEFA gala celebrating the new season at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and so it’s only natural that the gala kicking off the new season for the UEFA European Soccer Association should have the world’s most popular techno-Illusionist, Marco Tempest, as its premiere entertainer.

Performing a special version of his popular Powershow for the special gala of UEFA VIP’s at the world famous Monte Carlo Sporting Club, Marco started the evening with a custom countdown highlighting soccer themes. He entered the stage carrying a brilliant orb of light which flew out over the heads of the audience before crashing into a giant screen on stage, where it painted the theme logo for the evening’s event.

Greeting the audience, Marco challenged them to see if their brains were as quick as their feet by performing an illusion in which audience members think of any one of 5 cards seen on the large screen, and Marco then determines which card they are all thinking of.

Having challenged the audience, it seemed only fair that he should accept a challenge from the audience, and so he passed out a dozen Rubik’s cubes to be mixed by various audience members. When the cubes returned to the stage, Marco miraculously solved one in just seconds, and then, for a greater challenged, re-mixed that cube to perfectly match the pattern on another randomly selected cube.

Picking things up a notch, Marco then launched into the humorous “Magic Touch,” in which his hands enter a small monitor on stage and encounter various objects – including a disembodies set of other hands, and just for this one evening, a soccer ball! Following the applause, Marco moved back into audience interactive mode, performing in rapid succession three pieces in which audience members are involved in the magic.

In Mind Cam, a card merely thought of by an audience member magically appears inside a photo of that person. In Scary Story, and bottle with a shard of haunted glass mysteriously shatters while being held by a spectator, and, in keeping with the haunted theme, another audience member is then invited to help Marco hold on to a table which floats about the stage under control of a mysterious ghost.

Capping the evening off with Puzzled, The Next Dimension and Wings of the Imagination, each specially tailored for the audience and the event, Marco’s magic provided the biggest kick of the evening.