Thanksgiving Magic Special in Seoul
Marco presents over 30 minutes of new mysteries for “The Mystery Magic Show,” on Korea’s SBS network.

In Korea, Thanksgiving is celebrated early- this year on September 25 – as the harvest festival known as Chuseok. This year Marco Tempest’s “Mystery Magic Show” was a big part of the celebration on Korea’s SBS network.

Presenting the Korean premiers of a number of his newest effects, Marco scored a large hit with the audience both in the studio and at home. Marco’s “Teleportation” effect began and ended the show: At the beginning he was seen introducing the show from high atop one of the tallest buildings in Seoul, some 7 kilometers from the SBS studio where the show was taping – and, without every cutting away, teleported himself into the studio. At the very end of the show, he showed a “behind the scenes” version of the effect, demonstrating just how it was accomplished.

Before that, however, Tempest demonstrated a number of amazing and original effects. During one he demonstrated how he could appear to touch a chair on the screen of his phone-cam, and thus actually knock over the real chair he was taping.

In another, he took a photo of his eyeball, zoomed in, and revealed that a card an audience member had only thought of could be seen in the reflection in Marco’s eye.

All these and more elicited shocked amazement from the Korean stars who hosted the special and worked with Marco to present his wonders, both in the studio and on tour around Seoul. “The Mystery Magic Show” was Marco’s third major special on SBS within the past nine months.