Lighting up the Digiglobe Awards
Tempest’s “Pixel Grande” presentation at this year’s Digiglobe awards.

Our best video yet of Marco’s new creation, “Pixel Grande.” Created last year for a special product launch, the piece builds on Tempest’s already existing “Pixel” illusion technology, where he takes a dot of light out of a video image, manipulates it, and then tosses it back into the video image. With the new technology, the light multiplies, flies out over the audience and back to the stage, and develops into a giant ball of light. What was once a clever and pretty bit of baffling fun now takes on the dimensions of a major dramatic piece. See it now! The video was originally part of the 2nd annual Digiglobe awards show, and show Marco magically producing the show logo, a giant globe, using the new technology. This marked the second year for the awards show, and the second year Marco’s magic was a favorite, both with the live audience and on the broadcast which played throughout Europe.