New gala show a hit with Gulf States Toyota!
Marco combines super meeting-opener with a special gala production show to create a new kind of magic for Gulf States Toyota.

Marco Tempest premiered his newest 35 minute show with dancers for Gulf States Toyota at their recent annual meeting in Houston, TX. This is a more compact version of his larger show, geared to slightly smaller audiences and lower budgets than some previous versions. Using only 3 dancers and a special audience volunteer, the new show nevertheless packs quite a large impact, containing such Tempest favorites as Disk Me, The Magic Touch, Shrinker, Wings of the Imagination and two newly revised production dance pieces: Zento Dance and Lightwave Bows. Gulf States Toyota executives wanted to extend the highly successful look and feel begun by Tempest for the Toyota Sienna launch event earlier in the year at the Detroit Auto show, and so they also asked Tempest to open the afternoon’s general session with a re-creation of the graphics and “Pixel Grande” elements used at that event. The package provided an extremely stylish and futuristic set of bookends for day one of the Gulf States Toyota event, in a remarkably compact and cost efficient package. The development of new versions of this full-evening gala show over the past year helps us provide our clients with an ever-expanding set of options for their high-tech entertainment needs..