Tempest is WIRED in Italy
Popular chronicler of our technological society WIRED magazine recently published an article about Marco in its Italian edition.

Marco and his magic was recently featured in WIRED.IT, the Italian version of the popular WIRED magazine. The article, by Domenico Panacea, appeared as part of the magazine’s culture coverage, and dubbed Tempest a “modern cyber-alchemist.”

WIRED wrote that Tempest makes “massive use of sophisticated technologies ranging from augmented reality to monitors showing images that respond to movements of his body in an amazing play of lights and computer graphics that leaves you speechless.”

The referred to his several appearances at Apple Stores worldwide, as well as his extensive work for major corporations promoting products and adding excitement to their meetings and events. The WIRED coverage adds to recent press Marco has received for his work in augmented reality in Gizmodo, Maker Magazine and other popular technical publications.
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