The magic laboratory grows up - Again!
Tools of the Techno-Wizard. Expanding and upgrading the Magic Laboratory.

Every wizard needs his secret base of operations, a headquarters from which he creates his magic. Hermes had the Great Pyramid of Egypt; ancient Druids had Stonehenge; Merlin had his Crystal Cave; Cagliostro his Alchemists Laboratory. In the future-tech, third millennium world of Marco Tempest, that place is now the special magic studio. With the creation of the new original television series, The Virtual Magician, Newmagic Communication, Inc has expanded its services and infrastructure to include a fully operational film and television distribution division and a state-of-the-art post-production facility at their newly upgraded facility in the heart of NYC’s NOHO production district. Additionally, the Company offers clients experienced creative artists, editors, colorists and directors of photography, as well as worldwide distribution expertise with the most advanced, comprehensive and reliable technology available today. The Company provides the state-of-the-art post-production services, online editorial and visual effects offered by large scale facilities while maintaining the artistry and individualized client attention of a creative boutique. With representatives in New York, Las Vegas, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Dubai and Tokyo and clients including Microsoft, Panasonic, IBM, Sony, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Parke Davis, General Mills, M&M Mars and Toyota plus distribution relationships in 70+ countries, Newmagic is truly a global entertainment company. Call us to schedule a complimentary capabilities presentation at our studios or follow the link to watch our special effects show reel online.
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