Samsung Cellphone Sorcery
Tempest's latest creation astonishes in Dubai.

Dubai - At a product launch event for over 300 of the Middle East's top technology executives, Marco Tempest presented his newest creation. After helping to “produce” the meeting’s host from an image on the giant screen at the front of the audience to open the meeting, Marco was called back to share his newest creation: Marco approached one of the VIP tables in his audience and offered to show something amazing. Removing a phone from his pocket, he asked the audience member to give his initials, which were written in black ink on the cover of the phone. Marco then asked the VIP to verify that his phone was real by calling its number. The man dialed the number, and Marco’s phone rang. The two of them carried on a brief conversation, standing some 25 feet apart, during which Marco’s phone suddenly and unexpectedly, vanished. “I’m sorry…something seems to have happened to my phone,” said Marco. “Could you help me locate it by dialing the number again? I’m sure it can’t have gone far.” The audience member re-dialed the number, and was startled to hear the sound of Marco’s phone ringing from his own pocket. Reaching into his pocket he discovered the phone, bearing his initials. He handed the phone to Marco, who answered it and thanked him for his help. Both received an enthusiastic round of applause from the rest of the audience. The effect was one of many created just for a particular client which has proved so strong that Marco offers it now in his regular show package. How does the phone get from Marco’s hand and into the guest’s pocket? A truly baffling and delightful interaction, using one of the staples of 21st century life!
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