Festival della Scienza
Tempest Performance Launches Science Fest in Genoa.

Marco Tempest recently helped launch the year-long “Festival della Scienza – Genova” in Genoa, Italy, with a solo performance at the Teatro Duse. The show, built completely around the theme “The Magic of Science,” lasted for 45 minutes and left his audience begging for more. Emerging from a virtual future world within a giant screen, Marco started the evening out with an amazing demonstration in which he resolved a half dozen different Rubik's cubes, each randomized by audience members, in rapid succession, each within 10 seconds. For the rest of the show, Marco worked with a “professor” who repeatedly appeared on screen to explain a specific “force of nature,” after which Marco’s magic appeared to defy the force explained. From his popular standards such as “Winds,” and “The Magic Touch,” to the mystifying “Antigravity Glass” and “Devil’s Bottle,” which Tempest shatters using only mental powers, even as the bottle is held in an audience member’s hand, Tempest’s magic repeatedly demonstrated – and defied – the laws of science. The inspirational “Wings of the Imagination” ended the show, challenging the gathered audience to dream, and to make their dreams take flight, using the wonders of science, art and technology.
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