Making Medical Magic with Pfizer in Budapest
Marco and Pfizer Make Medical Magic in Budapest

Yet another groundbreaking product launch for Pfizer pharmaceuticals was enlivened by the very special magic of Marco Tempest, presenting the revolutionary new remedy Zithromax Anticipation of something truly exciting was generated through a specially created Digital Countdown, re-capping some of the former successes of the pharmaceutical giant as it counted the seconds to the launch. Virtual Marco greeted the assembled Pfizer executives from within the screen, then walked out to join them “live” for their big event. Moving quickly to the main business of the meeting, Marco spoke briefly of the power of light and imagination used to make dreams real…and then magically introducing Pfizer executive Romana Pylyp from a shimmering ball of light which had just sailed spectacularly about the stage, engendering gasps from the crowd. After the initial presentation, Marco’s “Magic Touch,” performed with the Pfizer logo, brought a touch of humor to the meeting, and prepared the audience for more exciting details about the new product and it’s sales and distribution. During the coming presentations, Marco popped up repeatedly within the presentation graphics to “help out” the various presenters. As the morning session drew to it’s climax, it was Marco’s special magic that transformed a troupe of amazing traditional Hungarian dancers – “the glorious past” -- into creatures of light and energy – “dancers of the future,” to dramatize the major transformation that Zithromax will create within the healing industry. An afternoon session kicked off with a second version of Marco’s Digital Countdown to the future…and the day was capped off with a moving and inspirational “Wings of the Imagination,” in which a sheet of paper is transformed…through the magic of the imagination alone…into a bird flying over the heads of the audience…yet another idea made real and taking flight through the magic of technology.
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