Digiglobe 2001
Marco Tempest at the “Digiglobe 2001” awards, the European “Multimedia Academy Awards”.

The highlight of the evening was Tempest’s special appearance out of virtual reality flying astride a broomstick in order to present a special award to the 10 and 14-year-old sisters from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg who run the largest German Harry Potter Fan Club in the Internet. Their home page is visited up to 50,000 times every week. Over the last twelve months more than two million users from 81 countries have accessed the site. Appearing from a giant screen flying on his broomstick, Tempest then conjured images of the young girls, along with a suitably mysterious castle-like setting. The girls then appeared live on stage, and joined Tempest aboard broomsticks to fly away after receiving their awards. This marks the second year in a row that Tempest’s special brand of digital effects and live magic helped to host the world’s most prestigious digital multi-media awards show. Other performers and presenters on the show included rock singer Peter Maffey, the band Reimzig, and ZDF moderator Cherno Jobatey.
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