Star Wars - Episode 2
Star Wars – Episode 2 saved by Virtual Magician!

Okay, so production wouldn’t have ended without Marco’s contribution – but his ability to provide some much needed video equipment to facilitate a looping session for George Lucas’ work on the new film certainly prevented delays post-production. The specific equipment was a V1D disk recorder, required “overnight” by Skywalker Sound for a session with Lucas the next day, and Tempest was able to provide them with an extra he had at hand. The V1D is a special random access video device used by Tempest in special situations, such as tradeshows, when the random-access video can help him to create some of his amazing interactive illusions. Because it is digitally based, the video does not degrade with the repeated playings necessary on the trade-show floor. It is perfect for film-looping for the same reasons, permitting multiple replays without the necessity of rewinding the film or tape, thus facilitating a much faster process and higher quality result.
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