SYMBOL Annual Meeting - Las Vegas
Tempest creates SYMBOL of the next wave…magically produces inventor of the bar code!

When contacted just weeks before the opening of CES to open SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES press meeting prior to the world’s largest electronics trade show, Marco Tempest already had 4 other projects scheduled for the month…with only 2 days in between projects, for which he was already in preparations. With only 3 days available on his internal productions schedule, it was only possible to accept SYMBOL’s challenge if a contract and creative treatments could be agreed upon immediately, and the logo artwork for the event delivered to Tempest within two days of the original call. The production company for the event somehow managed to deliver everything on time, and just 4 days later, Tempest delivered a completed show tape to them. Based around Tempest’s popular Pixel technology, the meeting was opened with a special “Timeline to the Future” montage, driven by Tempest’s magical flying orbs of light, each one of creating another image on the large, LED screen. Ultimately, the images coalesced into a single brilliant explosion of light and smoke, out of which emerged Symbol’s Founder & Chairman, Dr. Jerome Schwartz, inventor of the bar code / laser scanner technology which revolutionized the retail industry over the past decade.
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