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Toshiba “Digital Life Innovation” multi-platform campaign
Toshiba Corporation, a world leader in consumer technology, asked Marco to create a special, multi-platform marketing campaign leading up to their presentation at CEATEC, Japan’s largest consumer technology show. The perfect project for Marco’s special abilities! The project provided a great opportunity to see how Marco’s magic can work wonders across multiple platforms, with episodes appearing everywhere from viral video sites on the web to cellphones to the company’s own web site and, finally, generating mega-press coverage as it culminates in a special press event at a live trade show or product launch. It all started in New York, six weeks before CEATEC. Marco wrote out a prediction, then sealed and locked it inside a metal box and shipped it to Japan. All the action was captured on video, which was posted both on Toshiba’s site and on Marco’s site on YouTube. This was the first of nine different episodes which would be posted in the days leading up to the actual show. Each episode came from a different location: a restaurant in Tokyo, a city park, at Tokyo’s famed Shibuya district, shooting a Korean TV special on location in Seoul, at Toshiba’s headquarters in Japan, and, finally, on the trade show floor while setting up for the show. Episodes were each filled with interesting new magic, always featuring some of the new products that Toshiba would be introducing at the show. In one episode a photo of a cellphone began to ring and Marco picked it up and answered it. In another a remote control from one of Toshiba’s products actually caused Marco to float up off the ground when used by a passerby. Clips eventually included bits from Marco’s live performances in the booth at CEATEC – moving in and out of video screens, painting imagery which then came to life, and much, much more. On one of the last days of the show, Marco caused a huge press sensation as journalists from all over Asia flocked to the booth to see the revelation contained in his prediction, to be opened that afternoon. With everyone assembled and waiting, Marco entered the stage carrying an inflated ball, which he tossed into the audience. “Please toss it to someone else…and then someone else.” He suggested. The person then holding the ball was asked to come to the stage to assist with the prediction. Marco asked him where he was from, and he indicated he was from Tokyo. “As you can see from this counter, which has been here all week, a great many people have visited our booth before you,” said Marco. “Now, please hit this button to record your own presence. Hit it again for some of the other people here now who haven’t been here before. And again…as many times as you like.” When the young man was finished punching the button, the number 237,184 was left on the display. “Okay…it’s time for the big moment! I think you’ll agree that you were chosen in a completely random fashion, yes­ And there are people here from all over Japan -- even all over Asia, am I right­ Well, I don’t want to get anywhere near that box. So, here’s the key to the lock. Please go and open the box, and see what is inside.” When the box was opened the man took the paper he found in an envelope inside it, and read to the audience, “Right now, a young man from Tokyo will be receiving a big round of applause from hundreds of people here witnessing that he punched in the number 237,184 visitors to the Toshiba booth here at CEATEC!” And, of course, the prediction was absolutely correct. Marco's multi-channel marketing campaigns have proven themselves time and again to be more effective than any single platform campaign. Receiving your message on multiple platforms over the course of several weeks, all in a way that is both interactive and fun for the potential client, creates a relationship and anticipation almost no other form of marketing can achieve.
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