TEDxZurich 2010
At TEDxZurich, Marco Shows How a High-tech Sorcerer Works
On Oct. 20, Marco will be delivering his third TEDx talk, this one in his home-town of Zurich, Switzerland. In his presentation at TEDxZurich, Marco will give you a glimpse behind the curtains into the world of a high tech sorcerer. Marco’s creations utilize computer vision, augmented reality and projection mapping. His software is created entirely with open source tools. Marco will talk about his process, collaborations and the opportunities that come with the sharing of research in the world of magic, a field that is historically extremely competitive and introverted. Expect to be surprised.

Tempest's previous TEDx talks (in Tokyo) have both introduced now meldings of technology and entertainment, first with Augmented Reality Magic done with cards, and then with his revolutionary Projected Augemented Reality Magic. What will he preset in Zurich­ You'll just have to watch it and see!

The TEDx talks are a spin off of the popular TED talks, held each year in Long Beach California, and broadcast on the internet at TED.com. TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment & Design," which makes Marco and his work the perfect "poster child" for the whole TED experience.

October 20, 2010
9am to 5:30pm
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
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