Tempest rocks TEDglobal in Edinburgh

Marco's performance at TEDglobal earns an encore

As events for speakers go, it doesn't get much bigger than TEDglobal. This year's theme was “The Stuff of Life,” billed as follows:

From the secrets of the biological processes in our body to the cultural constructs in our society, TEDGlobal 2011 will be a celebration of life in all its forms.

Invited to this year's event in Edinburgh, Marco was described in the program as “A magician and illusionist for the 21st century, Marco Tempest blends cutting-edge technology with the flair and showmanship of Houdini."'

Marco's performance of his Stickman piece, using projected augmented reality, received such an enthusiastic reception – a standing ovation – on the second day of presentations that he was asked back, spur of the moment, to present again on the next day! Performing his most recent creation, Deceptions, Marco was rewarded with another standing ovation.

Though enthusiastic response to brilliant speakers at TED events isn't uncommon – two standing ovations at one conference is a rarity. Chris Anderson, popular curator of the TED talks, tweeted: “Marco Tempest killing it at #TEDglobal with his augmented reality magic!”
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