The Virtual Magician DVD's
Episodes 1-6 now available in a limited edition autographed DVD set.

Marco Tempest and Newmagic Productions, Inc. has released the first 6 episodes of “The Virtual Magician,” including special behind the scenes materials, for sale to the public at Just as the series is about to be released for broadcast throughout Europe, Asia and South America, the DVD release provides fans worldwide with an opportunity to not only see, but own this latest creation from Tempest, even before it can be seen by the general public. With special magical guests including Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Johnny Thompson, Simon Lovell and many more, the series combines a futuristic sci-fi plot with contemporary reality TV – magazine style format. Once again, Tempest breaks new ground, both in the format of the series, and by releasing it to special fans who are “in the know” even before it airs in most markets. Even as the release of “The Virtual Magician” on DVD and for broadcast commences, Tempest has moved on: “I learned so much from this, and so I’m already working on new ideas for my next TV project ,” says the busy magician. “And of course we’re busy creating a version of “The Virtual Magician” now that can tour as a live show, as we’ve had a number of requests for that from our various television sponsors around the world.”
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