SFX Showcase for Newmagic
Discreet features work of Newmagic Communications in their latest show reel.

Discreet, the leading provider of systems & software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing and video post-production, features the work of Marco Tempest and Newmagic Communications, Inc. in their most recent client show reel. Segments from Tempest’s “The Virtual Magician” television series are seen between scenes from recent blockbusters like "Matrix Revolutions", "The Core", " Bulletproof Monk" and "the Hulk". "We are proud to have our work included in the 2003 discreet post production show reel and are thrilled to be in very good company alongside with the works of Dreamworks, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Twentieth Century Fox, Vivendi Universal, and Warner Bros." says Marco Tempest, president of Newmagic Communications. Newmagic Communications offers clients experienced creative artists, editors, colorists and directors of photography along with the most advanced, comprehensive, and reliable technology available today. Our state-of-the-art post production services, online editorial and visual effects equal those offered by large-scale facilities while maintaining the artistry and individualized client attention of a creative boutique. To read more about the facility please click below. Discreet, a division of Autodesk, makes the smoke and edit and combustion systems used by Newmagic and other leading edge computer animation and post production facilities around the world.
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