Raya World 2005
Tempest Sets Pulse of the Future for Raya in Cairo.

Marco’s Power Show set the tone at the grand opening VIP dinner for the Annual Sales Conference and Exhibition of Raya, Egypt’s largest IT company. Among the guests at At the Heliopolis Intercontinental in Cairo was the Egyptian minister for technology and other prominent government officials. Tempest presented a new version of his popular Power Show, including: Anticipation built through a digital Countdown and presentation of the meeting logo and theme painted by the lighted orbs of Aura. Marco proceeded to welcome the distiguished crowd, and to amaze them with his new Interactive Cards, his mysterious Haunted Table, the impossible Nokia (MindCam), Rubik's Cubes, a specially customized Raya Puzzle, the always popular and fun Magic Touch, a globally themed Next Dimension, and finally the inspirational Wings of Imagination. Raya is the largest Egyptian national holding company specializing in the IT and Telecommunication industries. With focus on the Middle East and Africa, Raya owns several subsidiaries operating in five different lines of business and professionally covering all aspects of the IT and Telecommunications.
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