Krisam Awards Gala
Meeting planners opt for the Virtual Magician.

At a recent high profile awards gala for Krisam Group, a top meeting planner and site-selection company, Marco Tempest played the role of emcee, entertainer and star of the show! Held at the majestic Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey, Marco was the headline entertainment for a group of 600 appreciative audience members. As host of the Krisam awards gala, Marco used his amazing artistry and unbelievable multimedia skills to blend the digital, virtual world of technology with our everyday reality. Marco wowed the audience with his “Magic Touch” by pulling the awards envelopes right out of a television monitor! Other mind-boggling illusions included sketching the company’s “Globe” logo and conjuring it out of the sketchpad into a heavy 3-D Globe that rolled right off the stage! To end the evening, Marco asked for help from the audience! With the help of a young Krisam Group employee sitting in the front row, Marco was able to produce a jig-saw puzzle of her face with only one piece missing. Marco then brought out a box with many extra pieces and asked his volunteer to try to find the missing piece. The volunteer was surprised and delighted when the piece that she had chosen fit perfectly to complete the puzzle. Marco then presented his magical volunteer with the finished puzzle as a gift. Marcia Gerard, Krisam Group’s President, had this to say about the talented magician- “Marco Tempest is outstanding! Not you typical magician, he is the hi-tech version of David Copperfield! Marco is extremely charming and entertaining!”
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