Audi TT @ Universal
Marco magically reveals the most exciting new Audi ever.

Searching for someone to provide an experience in keeping with their hottest new product ever, Audi execs discovered Marco Tempest while visiting a magic shop. Marco and his select team produced a one of a kind event, held on the sound stages of Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood, that the top company brass termed “our best event ever!” Top sales execs from all over the US gathered, and were introduced to a “special viewing” of what they thought was a new television show being taped on the lot. Marco performed “The Magic Touch,” and then, talking with the audience, discovered who they were and why they were there. He offered to take one of the sales force on a special, pre-release, “virtual drive” in the new TT coupe. An eager salesman volunteered, and Marco offered him a variety of possible venues for the drive. His choice was “in a video game.” Marco conjured a video-game set on the large video screen, and invited his volunteer to “join him” inside the virtual world. The audience was then treated to the site of both Marco and the volunteer walking into the onscreen video game …where the salesman proceeded to take Marco for the ride of his life, through corkscrew turns, loop-the-loops, and even a quick journey into outer space -- where the car looked right at home! As the drive ended, Marco warned that time was about up and they both needed to hurry out of the virtual environment. Heedless of Marco’s warnings, the volunteer wanted just one more round of driving. As Marco hurried back out onto the stage, the entire environment shuddered and froze…trapping the hapless volunteer inside, frozen along with the rest. Marco attempted a rescue, but instead of restoring mobility, the volunteer suddenly shrunk to a 3-inch tall version of himself. Marco picked him up and walked out onto the stage with the gentleman standing on his hand. Here, the audience was treated, via Image Magnification on the big screen, to the site of an argument between the magician and the tiny volunteer. Marco agreed to try just one more thing. Squeezing the tiny figure down even further, till he became just a spark of twinkling blue light, Marco tossed him across the floor. Blue lights danced across the stage and painted a wire-frame engineer’s form of the new TT Car…which flashed twice, and abruptly transformed into the fully realized – and real – TT car, with the now fully restored volunteer behind the wheel, driving toward the audience and flashing the headlights. A happy audience rushed the stage where they were invited, for the first time, to explore the sexy new vehicle…up close and personal.
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