Upcoming NY1 Television Appearance with Adam Balkin !
Do not miss Marco on NY1 - Tonight between 8pm and 9 pm and througout the weekend!

New York 1 Technology reporter Adam Balkin heard about Marco Tempest from a colleague, was fascinated, and called while Marco was on a rare vacation trip to Sardinia in mid-July. Tempest’s management company fielded calls, provided introductory video and web addresses…and Balkin, always interested in unique and exciting new frontiers of technology, pursued the story. Back only 2 hours from his journey, Marco launched into action, preparing to make the interview something truly spectacular. Video clips had to be collected and special magical experiences prepared for the reporter. This afternoon, just one day after his arrival back in the US, the story was video-taped and prepared, all in record time. The finished product will be available for YOUR viewing, tonight between 8 and 9pm on New York City Cable’s “New York 1” channel, and throughout the coming weekend. You can see Marco magically create the New York 1 logo from just a single dot of light. Marco’s newest illusion technology, the Magic Mouse will be showcased for the first time for the viewing public! All this plus an up-close and personal interview with Marco on the interweaving of technology and magical performance will be on view: On cable TV this weekend, and on New York 1’s website (http://www.ny1.com in the “Living/ Technology” section), as well. Don’t miss it!
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