Marco Tempest Branded!
Marco Tempest is Real! The names "Marco Tempest" and "Virtual Magician" are now internet keywords, making finding Marco on the net even easier!

Reach us now! Just type “Marco Tempest” or “Virtual Magician” on the address line of your Internet Explorer browser, or as the search criteria at any one of the largest search engines: Google, Alta Vista,, I-won, MSN or, and you’ll be brought directly to the Marco Tempest web site, with access to all the latest information developments on Marco and his work. Tempest has recently joined the ranks of some of the world’s greatest companies and communicators in branding his product with the RealNames technology. New Line Cinema, Campaign 2000, E-Bay, The New York Times, Panasonic Portable DVD, Nintendo Sports, and HP e-services are just a few of the larger companies now available through the service. RealNames Corporation is a market leader for Internet Keywords - a simplified, human approach to online navigation that changes the way people interact with the web. Companies purchase Internet Keywords to enhance their overall web presence, leverage their brand identity online and make it easier for customers to do business with them. Our registration with RealNames is just one of the many ways Marco Tempest and Newmagic Communications, Inc. is making it easier to find and use Marco’s high-tech “cyber-illusionist” services. An all new web-site has just been put on-line, providing access to most of Marco’s performance work on streaming video, and with printable “white pages” in .pdf format, available for download by meeting and event planners, corporate clients, and anyone interested in Marco’s work…or in working with us on future projects. If you’re reading this, you’ve already found the site. Now go exploring! If you want to be kept abreast of all the latest news on Marco, be sure and sign up for our newletter on this page.
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