Tempest at CES on Fox
For the 2nd time within a week Fox News covers Marco Tempest - this time at CES

Fox News covers Marco Tempest's techno-illusions twice within the past two weeks. Appearing in a featured segment on Fox's New Year's Eve coverage from Times Square last week, Tempest is now getting coverage for his appearance at this year's CES in Las Vegas. Tempst is appearning for Toshiba, demonstrating their "Digital Life Innovation" theme line using his high-tech wizardry, and wowing the huge crowds drawn by the spectacle. From the on line article in Fox Business: "Digital Life Innovation Digital Life Innovation will take the consumer experience of digital technology to new heights, a level where advances in digital equipment create new products, shape new services and offer new lifestyle experiences. At CES, Toshiba will introduce the latest advances in technologies and systems that realize Digital Life Innovation, and do so with the wizardry of New York based magician Marco Tempest, who will introduce Toshiba's latest technologies on the presentation stage."
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